Clients include:
 - MTV
 - Pantene
 - Grazia Magazine
 - V V Brown
 - 911
 - ITV2
 - The Big Reunion
 - The Only Way Is Essex
 - Helen Flanagan
 - Lucy Mecklenberg
 - Toni&Guy
 - Capital FM
 - House Of Fraser
 - Meadowhall Shopping Centre
 - Tony Christie
 - Grace Woodward
 - Big Brother
 - Berwin & Berwin
 - Canterbury of New Zealand
 - Universal Everything
 - Magnet
 - Staysure
Natasha always had a desire to work in the fashion industry, and her career started early. At the age of fifteen she began designing, making and customising clothes.

Her designs were quickly spotted by a designer boutique in Sheffield, who asked her to design a range. The resulting t-­shirt collection ‘No Added Ingredients’ outsold the Vivienne Westwood line that season. Already she was in demand as a young designer.

Not satisfied just with designing, Natasha started to focus on the styling element of fashion. She started working as a stylist for international hairdressing chain Toni & Guy eight years ago where she developed her early trademark style; using loose material to drape, hang and pin in an elegant form.

Alongside her studies Natasha worked in Visual Merchandising for Hugo Boss and Gap. This work helped Natasha experience the retail side of fashion before she moved to London to study fashion design at Kingston University.

Within months her talent was recognised by stylist David Kappo and GQ Editor David Lamb who gave her outstanding grades for her work. 

Kappo recognised her talent for styling and advised to shift her focus in that direction. Natasha developed her styling portfolio and built up an impressive contact list within the industry.

After graduating Natasha moved back to Sheffield and has since been styling full time. Natasha’s portfolio boasts impressive variety; having worked within the Hair, Film, Music and Publishing industries. 

Natasha’s recent venture into the music industry has been particularly successful. Natasha has worked with MTV and a number of X Factor stars. Artists she has worked with include InMe, Janet Devlin, Tony Christie, Mary Anne Hobbes, White Light Parade and The Crookes.

Due to her international background Natasha has travelled widely from a young age. Her exposure to other cultures has enabled her to build on her creativity and to add a unique global element to styling.

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